Jim Sturgess last night on carpet for the TIFF premiere of his film Fifty Dead Men Walking – thanks to Tony W for the photos. Also attached – Jim outside the Intercontinental after his junket.

My colleague Zain was selected to interview him in our eTalk Lounge. I did not want to speak to Laura for a long time when I found out she’d deemed me not worthy. But then I remembered… she holds the cards for Harry Potter. I love Laura. Laura is amazing.

Jim Sturgess is amazing too.

But ladies and gays…

I’m sorry.

He has a girlfriend.

He picked up a pair of earrings for her at the one of the suites during his stay and we heard his publicist mention the existence of a girlfriend throughout the course of his press tour.

She’s probably really smart and reads thick books and drinks port at night and looks gorgeous even in wellies and dirty hair.

Don’t know her but I hate her already.