This is Jim Sturgess at the LA premiere of Cloud Atlas last night getting ready for Movember I guess? Or a movie role? The moustache doesn’t bother me. There’s something else that bothers me more.

Lately I’ve been hearing here and there that Jim and his long-time girlfriend Mickey O’Brien are no longer together. No confirmation either way but I wanted to make mention of the rumours in this article and decided I’d check his Twitter since he and Mickey are both on there and if they were tweeting each other back and forth or whatever, that might be a sign of something, or nothing.


I do not learn from mistakes.

I obviously did not learn from my Tom Hiddleston mistake . As I learned during my Tom Hiddleston mistake, Twitter cannot be unseen.

In response to a few negative reviews of Cloud Atlas, Jim tweeted

Some critics are saying that #CloudAtlas is too complicated for a mainstream audience...I hope you prove them wrong!!!!

Which is fine.

And then he proceeded to RE-tweet a LOT of fangirly cheerleading. We’ve talked about how I feel about the practice of re-tweeting, right? And how gross it is to re-tweet compliments? How about re-tweeting your own fansites getting twi-hardy about your sh-t?

Of course this hasn’t killed it entirely. Of course I still love him. But the Twitter, never again with the Twitter is what I’m saying.

Like, why do they even have to? This is why I wish there was a Governing Body for Celebrity, an Academy of Celebrity Conduct. To monitor this business of the self-pimp. Because this irresponsible reckless Twitter behaviour is contributing to the overall degradation of the star. Do they realise that the closer the come to us, the harder it will be to separate from us?