Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show last night. I couldn’t stay up to watch. Dylan texted me afterwards asking me what I thought. Since I had no idea when I woke up, I asked him for his thoughts:

“He’s not super funny, he’s not really ever super funny, but the show was great.”

What made it great was the guests. SO many guests. Celebrity after celebrity guests. And a clever way to get through them all to up the numbers. Fallon joked that he made a bet with a friend about whether or not he’d ever get in The Tonight Show chair. So all of them had to come out and give him $100. Mimi pulled her cash money out of her tit, obvs.

Then he hip-hop danced with Will Smith. And U2 performed. And the point is – the more famous people, the better. Because we are not only fascinated by them, we are fascinated by them being friends. Which is what Jimmy Kimmel has been doing more and more too. The point is: Jimmy is popular. Famous people like him. So we should like him too.

A strong start for Fallon, then. And given that he’s staying in New York, he shouldn’t have a problem easing in either. It’s a smooth transition.

But what about Justin Timberlake? He’s coming on later this week. You didn’t think he would share his spotlight with so many other people, did you? Maybe he’ll drop a bomb on us too and do his buddy a solid at the same time for ratings.