Her name is Joan Smalls. She is a model. She accompanied Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing to the Met Gala. I’ve received several messages today about this, specifically re: Zoe Saldana, and why no one is talking about her from last night.

No one is talking about Zoe Saldana because SHE WASN’T THERE.

What happened is that the photographers started screaming Zoe’s name on the carpet. Because why?

Why do you think? Let’s answer this question straight up, without something soft to wash it down, shall we?

It’s because they have not white skin and long black hair. That means we must be all the same person! Joan Smalls thinks so too. Here’s her tweet about the situation:

“I can't believe it. Photographers at the met need glasses. We don't all look the same.”

That means you Michael Phelps. (He has a problem distinguishing Asians.)