The Lunchbox Fund is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing a daily meal for orphaned and vulnerable school children in township and rural areas of South Africa, a country where 65% of all children live in poverty.” The Executive Board in the US includes Joaquin Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Topaz Page-Green. Topaz Page-Green and Joaquin were very much in love for a few years over a decade ago. Liv Tyler was the co-chair of the The Lunchbox Fund fall party last night in New York. And, as you know, Liv and Joaquin were very much in love almost 20 years ago.

So here they all are at the event, all friendly, all for a good cause. As you can see, Joaquin and Topaz are still very close. And Topaz and Liv are close. Liv and Joaquin are probably still close but declined to pose together because that would end up being the story, since they’re both so much more famous than the others. Still, seeing them all like this brings out the Gossip Nostalgia, non?

And, as mentioned yesterday – click here for a refresher -- there’s also the River. God, how has it already been 20 years?