So, like, I totally get it that Joaquin doesn’t want to be a “celebrity”. He’s an ACTOR, he’s an ARTISTE, he’s a CRAFTSMAN…I get it. But here’s the thing – if you’re all about being anti Hollywood, then stay the f&ck away from Hollywood functions. And if you absolutely have to attend a Hollywood function, bite your tongue, grin and bear it, and after completing the requisite lap around the room, go back to your own little arty hole and compose a haiku about depression in the privacy of your own house, instead of losing your on a well-meaning photographer who made the gross mistake of touching your shoulder. And no, gossips. I get no pleasure out of slagging Joaquin. I love Joaquin. But Joaquin showed up at a party for Jake G’s new movie Zodiac. The party was at the Soho Grand. It was sponsored by GQ. Why are these details important? Because it was a PUBLIC affair. It was the kind of event with built-in coverage, where photographers are not only expected, they are sometimes even HIRED. So his reaction? A bit over the top. Boy probably needs a little light in his life. I’m telling you – Drew Barrymore would do wonders. Source