Never a shortage of divas. After several weeks of sucky baby behaviour, Jake finally put on a happy face around the SAG Awards and the new strategic tactic seems to be paying off. Little Jakey was rewarded handsomely tonight at the BAFTAs, taking home the Best Supporting Actor trophy and throwing Clooney’s Oscar bid for that category in a little more doubt than it was just days ago. Meanwhile, as Jake celebrates, Heath’s chances seem much more remote. Considered a frontrunner in December, Heath has run a distant 3rd to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix leading up March 5th. At this point, he’s not only a long shot, he’s pretty much a write off, and poor Heath knows it too. Which is why my spies are reporting that while he pretended to be happy for his cowboy counterpart in front of the cameras, he was actually less than thrilled behind the scenes, reluctantly congratulating him afterwards and quite unwilling to pose for photographs. Through it all, Michelle has been his steady companion. Adoring gazes, hands tightly clasped, every inch of her, every nuance, every smile, every turn of the head sending a clear message: “I stand by my man. That is what I do.” And it was no different on this night. They arrived together, glued together, and she continues to glow in that way that all women do when they are caught up in the early bloom of love, when just being in the same room with him is so enough. I’m sure it’s nauseating for some but I have to say I find it completely charming. In fact, I have never found her as attractive as I have in recent weeks. Her skin is radiant, her hair glistens, she is just so lovely to look at. And this dress is fabulous! Heath and Michelle fuh-evah!