I’m on a mission. My girl Winona is climbing back from the brink. And I feel compelled to assist in this endeavour. Still undecided on a possible romance angle to propel her back on the A-list but I’m happy to see she’s starting to feel ok with getting glammed in the pages of a magazine now and again. Here she is from Jared in Another, gorgeous and weird at the same time - quintessential Winona. If you read the article, she come across as erudite and well informed and a little high brow hippy, just for good measure…a lot smarter than many of her contemporaries and maybe, just maybe, more genuine than not. A rarity in Hollywood. In fact, the piece reminds me of other profiles I’ve read. Profiles about Joaquin Phoenix. Ah yes. I’ve come full circle, y’all. The moral of the story? Never doubt yourself. Joaquin and Winona forever. For real this time.