The LA Times is reporting that they’ve reached a deal and should it pass the vote this weekend, Hollywood could be back to work as early as Monday! Which means that television will be back to normal in about 6 weeks!

But that still doesn’t totally save Friday Night Lights. Sigh. If however NBC decides to be kind and finish off the season, production could begin in time to complete 22 episodes for a definitive send off… unless the show is picked up by another smaller network. Apparently this is a legitimate possibility. Click here for more details more details.

Sorry. Enough lamenting for today. Because there really is cause for celebration, albeit premature.

A writers’ resolution means there will be Oscars – Oscars in the form that we know and love them: long, drawn out, and everyone only cares about the fashion and the parties.

As is the case every year, will be exclusive on the carpet and the balcony. We"ll be in LA in 2 weeks! Can’t wait!