I always knew I missed her but when I saw these photos and started air clapping like a f&ckin" moron, it finally dawned on me how empty my gossip life has been without Winona Ryder. I LOVE Winona Ryder. I could probably love her more than Gwyneth if she"d only pull her sh*t together and find a decent boyfriend and from the looks of it tonight at the premiere of A Scanner Darkly, it doesn"t seem that far off. She’s healthy, she’s glam, and I even have her shoes!!! In blue!!! Do you know I spent an entire summer rockin" the Reality Bites shag? Do you know that I honestly believed Lelaina Pierce was me but Caucasian? Do you know that I went searching for my own private Ethan Hawke just because Winona had her Troy? Is there any wonder why I"m so delirious that my Nonie is back and hopefully sane? Now where is Joaquin Phoenix when you need him?