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Obviously. It was a joke. Some kind of lame construct to expose something about Hollywood, something about the way everyone reacted to his behaviour, his attempt to become a rapper. Like there was any question that it was a poorly conceived “artiste” endeavour concocted by guitar and candlelight one night when Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck were lamenting their superiority over their celebrity peers. Didn’t we all know it was a stunt?

Well, actually, I got yelled at a lot last year when I ragged on his ass for his douchery. Many people thought he was sad smut, that it was a meltdown unfolding before our eyes. While Casey Affleck, his brother in law, stood accomplice? Please. No. It’s just easier to believe that someone is suffering because the alternative is that they just suck.

Did you pity him?

If you did he now wants you to pay to watch it. Deadline is reporting that Casey has finally finished cutting the mockumentary and that there was a screening last week for potential buyers. Harvey Weinstein was there. Apparently it’ll sell quickly and everyone has been sworn to secrecy to protect the brilliance of this amazing piece of performance art.

Right. So now he’s Sacha Baron Cohen? Sit DOWN Joaquin Phoenix.

As I wrote last year, you don’t get to enjoy the excess of being an actor, in the town that made you, enables you to take months and months off whenever you want, and pursue arty farty projects while condescending to the Hollywood that feeds your condescension, and complain about the hypocrisy all at the same time. Or, well, you do, but then that means you’re just part of it. And if you’re part of it, how authentic is the mock?

What did Joaquin Phoenix do last night? He was in Hollywood. At Bardot. Photos are attached of him leaving the lounge after a night of partying. See that face? That’s the face of a mean bitch.

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