The most awkward, uncomfortable clip ever… a thousand times more so than The Office, UK version, because no one is more is better at creating those moments like Ricky Gervais. Except for Joaquin Phoenix. Only he’s for real.

As mentioned earlier, JP was at a charity benefit last night looking like ass. He also stopped to talk to a reporter and took the impromptu opportunity to announce that he was retiring from acting to “work on his music”. Oh la. They all want to work on their music.

When the reporter laughs from discomfort which was a very human but also a very douchey thing to do Joaquin retreats inside his shell and runs away. Someone else tries to confirm it with Casey Affleck who vaguely concurs but then also doesn’t even know if his good friend has released and album yet… ?



It’s no secret – Joaquin hates press. He also does not enjoy the extracurricular aspects of acting. Abhors them. The “creative process” is what he’s after. And he truly believes it.

But if he also believes that music is less intrusive…well…he’s setting himself up for disappointment yet again. After all, how could Joaquin Phoenix write songs that are anything less than raw exposure and how can he control everyone’s curiosity when we hear them?

Still…this is his wish. Once upon a time, when he was hot and before I had the great displeasure of interviewing him hung over, he was my #1. JP is a wounded creature perhaps deserving of some peace. Perhaps he’ll find this through song.

Perhaps he’s finding it through friendship too?

Am told that this past weekend, Joaquin and Casey were at El Capitan Canyon glamour camping with Summer Phoenix and the kids and that they were joined by none other than…

Liv Tyler and Milo.

You know about Liv and Joaquin and the past…

Double date camping? There was no observed intimacy between the two but still…it’s awfully evolved, non?