Joaquin Phoenix could spice up Superman

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Every time I write about Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, his follow-up to Man of Steel (because it certainly isn’t a sequel at this point), and how increasingly unexcited I am for it, I inevitably get some email that basically says, “Shut up, the movie will be great”. To be fair, it probably will turn out just fine. I did, after all, like Man of Steel. It’s just that when MoS was in the casting phase, each new announcement made me a little more excited and intrigued, and interested in seeing how these actors interpreted classic characters.

At the same point in Batman vs. Superman’s pre-production, though, I am a lot less excited. They landed a big name in Ben Affleck as Batman, but I’ve never been very excited about him as an actor, and the subsequent casting for Wonder Woman and maybe Martian Manhunter (or maybe a secondary villain) has been a little—really? You couldn’t do better? Well, the latest rumor from Camp Superman is way, WAY better: Warner Brothers wants Joaquin Phoenix to play Lex Luthor.

The question is, will they get him? Phoenix hasn’t made a studio film since 2005’s Walk the Line, and he hasn’t seemed anxious to return to that side of filmmaking. If ever there was an actor who would have zero trouble walking away from a superhero project, it’s Joaquin Phoenix, so this is in no way a slam dunk get for WB/DC. But even just aiming for Phoenix is encouraging. It says a lot about the type of actor they want—someone electric and with the kind of presence that leaps off the screen. There’s been a smallness to the recent decisions for this movie, but this is a very big play. And frankly, they need to swing for the fences on this one. They need to revive my interest somehow.

Attached – Phoenix at the premiere of Her last week.


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