A trailer for Spike Jonze's Her was released today. It's a showcase for Joaquin Phoenix who plays a man who keeps to himself -- not a surprise -- and ends up falling in love with his ...smartphone? Siri? It's Scarlett Johansson's voice. I've always said she has the best voice.

Joaquin Phoenix is mesmerising to watch -- whatever he's in. All the time. Have you seen The Master? It's uncomfortable how great he is in The Master. Because he comes way too close, you know?

But here, for a change, a wonderful change, Joaquin is...exuberant. This is not an actor who does exuberant very often. And with his talent, exuberant is amazing. Exuberant feels good. Again, you can't look away. When he's happy, you're happy for him. The moment where he tells that joke and laughs at himself -- it's as real a reaction as there's ever been onscreen. Joaquin is a delight!

Only, of course, Joaquin being Joaquin, of course it's because he's romancing a f-cking computer.

Her is due in theatres in November. So Joaquin could very well contend for a nomination too. Oh wait, no, actually, maybe not. In a year with such an abundance of possibilities, he'd be the one to disappear himself so that he wouldn't have to be part of the conversation.