So Joaquin Phoenix said he was retiring from acting to focus on music. We all made the assumption that he would slowly fade away based on his reclusive personality and his handwriting a few weeks ago:


Happily this does not seem to be the case. Even the ones who shun the spotlight can’t help their addiction to the spotlight…see?

How else can you explain this?

Turns out Joaquin is shooting a doc with close friend Casey Affleck chronicling his journey from actor to musician. Last week the two showed up at a club in Hollywood – it was funk night and Joaquin ended up jumping the stage and delivering a “rap”.


Yes. A rap.

Shy little Joaquin Phoenix raps. Shy little Joaquin Phoenix’s rap was filmed for the documentary. Because the most personal of artistic journeys should be shared with the world, right?

Sit DOWN Joaquin Phoenix.

I used to love you. So much. And now you suck.


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