The Joaquin Phoenix who appeared in that hoax doc I'm Still Here or whatever was bearded, bloated, and vile. And tremendously unpopular. He might argue that "art" is sometimes not appreciated in its time but the fact is, no one got it, and no one f-cking cared.

There may have been an excuse there about making statements about celebrity and fame and privacy - who knows? - but the undeniable truth is that Joaquin hasn't worked, properly, in something like 3 years and he still has a house, a car, food in the kitchen, and isn't about to get evicted because he can't keep up with the bills.

You have the luxury?

THAT is what Celebrity afforded him. No complaints there, right? In other words, the sh-t balances out. Stop your f-cking moaning.

Maybe he's figured this out?

Not sure.

He does however look a lot better. Lean. Healthy...ish. Walking around LA the other day. Does the shedding of the indulgent facial hair and weight signal a new attitude? Hope so.

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