A few days ago THR reported that Joaquin Phoenix and Marvel are in negotiations for him to play Dr Strange. I mean, he’s definitely right for it. On talent, he could totally do it. Of course he could.

But… is Joaquin Phoenix a Company Man?

Think of how RDJ is a Company Man now for Marvel. And he does it so well. He does it so naturally. Like he’s having fun, like he’s not choking on Disney dick. You think Joaquin Phoenix could handle that?

No matter what RDJ’s previous problems were, he was always charming. When he got clean, he was able to channel that charm in a more productive way. I’m not sure “charming” is a word I’d use to describe Joaquin Phoenix, unless he’s in character. That said, Tony Stark and RDJ are, really, kind of the same person now. Perhaps that’s the key to this. To develop the Strange character in a way that matches Joaquin Phoenix so that way, when he has to sell it – because selling has always been Phoenix’s issue – he can do it without having to step outside of himself. Meta method acting.

As for motivation, RDJ has never been one to camouflage his intentions. He wanted to be the man. He wanted the money. BIG money. That has to be a factor for Joaquin Phoenix. Like, stupid money. Only… that’s never been what he was purportedly all about. For him, we were supposed to believe it was Art > Commerce. Craft > Cash.

And these movies are a commitment. You can’t just go one and out. They want to lock you in for multiples. It’s a long term relationship. Is that who Joaquin Phoenix was all along? Was he just waiting for The One?

Attached – Phoenix on set yesterday with Emma Stone on the new Woody Allen movie.