He was still rapping in the early part 2009, falling off stages, getting into scraps with hecklers, his embarrassing “Bye Good” from acting obliterated the good will he’d earned from Walk the Line and other films, a respectable artist now reduced to a punchline, so low he was mocked even by his peers at the Oscars. I STILL laugh out loud just thinking about Ben Stiller:

Unfortunately I cannot find a good quality full clip of the entire Ben Stiller Joaquin Phoenix imitation. Because it’s almost funnier when he starts wandering away from the podium, spaced out by the screen.

This of course was inspired, as the Silver Fox explained, by the Joaquin’s bizarre and amazingly awkward appearance on Letterman. It is worth your 10 minutes. Watch it again. Because you haven’t in a long time. And it really is the best.

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