For a refresher on why Joaquin Phoenix is now sad smut, please click here

Having said that, because fair is fair, following my post on Thursday about his alarming behaviour at the junket, I was contacted by a source from the film company handling publicity for the movie with clarification on Joaquin’s schedule that day. Joaquin wrapped early because it was the publicists who decided to shorten his TV schedule, truncating each tv outlet to 3 minutes with him so he could get through the day quicker. Apparently he did all but 2 tv interviews that were originally scheduled, fulfilled all of his print obligations and did make the effort to keep going. I’m told he was lovely and endearing and professional.

Still… having spoken to him myself, it’s hard to argue that what happened on Thursday can be chalked up to simple eccentricity. To catch a snippet of my interview with him, click here and choose Friday’s show in the player. My friend Ammie told me she had a hard time making out any words and the twitching speaks for itself.

Sounds like those of you who saw him at the Reservation Road premiere would agree – loopy during interviews on the press line, incoherent answers, mumbling and fumbling his way down the carpet, then making a spectacle of himself during the introductions on stage, and supposedly partying hard at Empire with his castmates afterwards.

Maybe he just had a rough week. My smutty sense says it’s more like a rough six months. Final word then until there’s something more uplifting to report, deal?