Oh there he is.

While Gwyneth Paltrow has dutifully performed red carpet responsibilities for their film Two Lovers in Cannes and most recently in London last week, Joaquin Phoenix has been missing for months, finally turning up last night at a star studded benefit in San Francisco, arriving with close friend Casey Affleck, looking like all kinds of sh-t.

Hairy, bloated, pasty, tired…and he hasn’t worked in ages either.

Phoenix used to be tight with Balthazar Getty who has been gallivanting with Sienna Miller for several months now as the Hollywood community has sided firmly with his estranged wife. Casey’s wife and Joaquin’s sister Summer is said to be close with Rosetta. As such, it’s believed that Joaquin and Balthy had to break up.

It’s actually JP’s birthday today. He’s 34.

Photo from Wenn.com