They’re working on a new movie together called Two Lovers. Joaquin plays a dude who has to choose between a woman his parents want him to marry and his hot new neighbour. He ends up falling in love with the neighbour, drama and heartbreak and tragedy will ensue.

My Gwynnie has just been tapped to play the neighbour.

So in keeping with his working habits - will Joaq fall for Gwyneth? Doubtful. They’ve actually known each other a long time though something tells me their chemistry will be electric. Hopefully Gwyneth’s snotty attitude will keep Joaquin in line too. She’s definitely the type to wave her A Game around other actors just because…

Actually on second thought, she just might drive him to drink even more.

Photos attached of Joaquin shooting Two Lovers yesterday. Looks like he’s cleaned himself up just a little. Good news.

photos from Splash