You know, I thought about putting an exclamation point after the title but then again, who’ll be reading this story with any kind of enthusiasm or excitement? I mean, their relationship ended the way it started– with a lot of try, and very little care. On our part.

After all, it’s Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene.

Please. The only reason we write about them is for comic relief.

Anyway, according to Page Six, it’s over. Something about scheduling. Translation: using each other wasn’t proving as effective as they thought it would be.

Well no kidding. She’s about as forgettable as the girl carrying around Ryan Phillippe’s baby, and besides, Duana’s been calling them Vagina Virgins for years. By the way, Joe addresses his vaginal virginity in the new Details. Disney Boy, not surprisingly, says that gay is ok, but that he’s not gay. OK. Click here to read Michael K’s take on Joe’s Details interview with a very clever comparison.

Apparently Middle Virgin is coming out with his own album. Ashley obviously wasn’t helping with that. So what’s next for her? I would not be surprised if her publicist has already put in a call to Alex Pettyfer. Please. That girl is ALL over it.

Attached – file photo of Ashley and Joe at her birthday a few weeks ago. Looks like he’s just starting to figure out how little she actually matters.

Photo from Mr O/