I don’t have much to say about Joe Manganiello other than he’s newly engaged to an actress called Audra Marie. That’s really just an excuse to post photos of him in Florida with Lindsay Pulsifer promoting True Blood.

Many of you have asked me for my thoughts on the show this season, particularly the season finale. In short, I was totally into it. But if Sookie doesn’t f-ck someone else very soon, I might have to quit. We can discuss this more on Thursday during the first TV LiveBlog with Duana.

As for Manganiello and his fiancée, I saw them together at Comic-Con, and I remember thinking “that broad is holding on tight”. He was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, like wearing the sh-t out of that black v-neck t-shirt, so I guess you can’t really blame her. Having said that, he didn’t seem to mind either, and they were attached like that most of the night, so now it’s all official, and he has much to celebrate. Sounds like he’ll be back for Season 4. Work steady, pay for the wedding.

Photos from Wenn.com