Henry Cavill, of course, as you know, has been confirmed as the new Superman. He covered a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly and the article included quotes from director Zack Snyder (whose Sucker Punch opens this weekend and is getting some really terrible reviews). Snyder did address the fact that True Blood’s Joe Manganiello was in the running to be the new Man of Steel and expressed a lot of affection for him, saying he really did like him but, you know, I guess not enough because, well, obviously.

Manganiello was also rather vocal himself about how much he wanted the part, revealing that he’d given his measurements for the suit, and launching his own unofficial campaign, not exactly as hardcore as Sean Young’s from so many years ago for Catwoman but he wasn’t subtle about it either, which speaks to the point Sarah’s been making about people getting so openly desperate for roles these days – click here for a refresher.

Anyway, here’s Joe at the movies with his fiancée Audra Marie last night. So… do you think Marie is her real last name? Do you take people more seriously or less seriously when their last names are a first name? Like, not Sarah Russell or anything like that but…

Audra Marie

Lea Michele

Poppy Sally

If you’re going make that move, you have to really BE something, you know what I mean? You can’t just be some ubiquitous "I was once shot and killed on Law & Order” kind of actress who can’t really own it. Or maybe I’m just too harsh of a bitch.

Naming is a big topic of conversation though among my friends, especially Duana. She always says “use the Supreme Court Justice” rule. Could your kid be a Supreme Court Justice with that name? Last time it came up at her place when she made me sit through an episode of Teen Mom. That sh-t is all over her PVR. Anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to list those names off for you. You know.

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