Obviously it sucks for her love life… but it’s also f*cking embarrassing. To have the reputation that not only can she not hold a man, she needs daddy to hold on to him for her, and as always, at the heart of it all, a father who cannot control his own greed.

Check out the latest cover of Us Weekly.

Just a couple of months ago, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were deeply in love. Seems she had finally found a dude who’d take her as she is. And then Papa Perv started messing with her business: coordinated photo opps, leaks to the paps, leaks to the tabloids…

Now the unthinkable.

Joe Simpson, a man who can barely manage his daughters’ careers in showbiz now wants to rep Tony Romo in the NFL.


He is also reportedly already brokering wedding photo deals even though Jess and Tony are on shaky ground AT BEST.

When Us approached Joe for comment, he couldn’t even deny the claims:

“It’s unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients. And in this business, where people can quickly turn on you, who better than a parent to be working for his children?"

He pissed away her career, now he’s pissing away her love life. And she can’t fire him because he’s her father.


It’s almost an excuse for her high waisted atrocity. Almost. But not quite.