Page Six is reporting that Jessica Simpson’s pimp father Joe has been campaigning on behalf of his daughter to replace Paula Abdul’s vacated seat at the judge’s table on American Idol.

Paula set the bar so low. For singing and sanity, she set the bar low enough that those with no vocals (Victoria Beckham) and weak intelligence (Porny) can quality for consideration. As for whether or not this is a good opportunity for Porny…

In the immediate, sure. Good money, exposure, a chance to showcase whatever hidden mysterious abilities she may be concealing, and a candid Jessica Simpson is always entertaining.

In the long run however, Idol is a time sucker. Idol is for someone at the end of a career. At 29, whether you like it or not, talent or not, Jessica Simpson is not at the end of her career. To commit to Idol for months and months, having to sacrifice new projects as a result of scheduling conflicts, might not be the best plan of action.

Obviously an ideal arrangement would be short term guest judge with an option to renew but no binding commitment.

The problem though is that she’s managed by a f-cker with no business, no negotiation skills who’ll probably sign her to an albatross because he won’t be able to get past the dollar figure.

Oh Porny, why won’t you call?

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