Have had a few requests that last couple of days for Joel Kinnaman pictures. Here he is today in London ahead of the UK premiere of Suicide Squad tonight. Am also including some other shots of him over the last week with his wife, Cleo Wattenstrom. I haven’t cared about Joel Kinnaman in a while, ever since he and Olivia Munn broke up. When they were together I was perving them all the time. At one point I think I wanted them to be in Fifty Shades Of Grey.  

Anyway, about Joel in Suicide Squad, but more a point about Suicide Squad than Joel – I was talking to a colleague in the hall just now who saw it at an advance screening. He agrees with Sarah that the movie is a mess with a missing second act. And then his next point was about Joel’s hair. Apparently it’s longer and shorter and longer and shorter at random times through the movie because he obviously cut his hair in between initial production and reshoots. It’s a small detail. But this is the kind of sh-t that’s adding up against the movie.