There was an ex clash last night at the Cartier event but everyone stayed civilised.

I almost forgot Hilary Duff and Joel Madden used to date. And five minutes after their split he hooked up with Nicole Richie. Then Hil wrote that song and she was all pissy sh-ts until Mike Comrie came along and now it"s all happy happy and no catfights which is great for publicists but the total ass for smutlovers.

In the battle for style supremacy however, Nicole wins round 1.

Not that Hils doesn"t look good but she is a novice compared to her successor.

Nicole"s dress, her makeup, the serene way she poses on the carpet... To me Nicole has the such a pretty face. So pretty!!! And truth be told, not really feeling the length of Hilary"s little number. You?

Photos from WENN