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Community: 6 Seasons (and a movie)

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 5, 2015 20:43:49 March 5, 2015 20:43:49
JOCE/ Bauer-Griffin/ Amanda Edwards/ Getty Images

After being cancelled by NBC after five seasons, Yahoo stepped in to revive Community for its prophesied sixth season, making it the first original programming for “Yahoo Screen”, their attempt to compete in the streaming market. The season premiere is on March 17th—though for some dumb reason, all episodes won’t be available for binge watching—and Yahoo has released the first trailer, and it’s very Community. Full Story

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Why I don’t care that Community is Coming Back

Maria Posted by Maria at May 21, 2012 16:20:54 May 21, 2012 16:20:54

(Lainey: a couple of weeks ago, Maria emailed me to say she didn’t give a sh-t about Community and whether or not it would get renewed. Finally! Someone else who isn’t member of the Community Fan Club. Oh I hear you smart comedy people who KNOW comedy - we don’t KNOW and our failure to appreciate the show speaks to that which is deficient in our souls. Full Story

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Take a deep breath.

Duana Posted by Duana at November 15, 2011 15:59:35 November 15, 2011 15:59:35

People, take a breath in, and out. As per someone on twitter named @sam_ash who was retweeted over 100 times, “NBC totally Britta’d this whole #Community thing”.Or – maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about?   Twitter blew up yesterday around home time because the new NBC schedule came out, and Community is not on it. Full Story

Fassbender, McGregor, and McHale!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2011 18:28:34 November 8, 2011 18:28:34
Jason Merritt/Getty

Well that got your attention, didn’t it?I don’t know why Joel McHale was moderating the Haywire Q&A after the secret screening of the movie at AFI Fest the other night. Like, he’s the star of his own hit cult comedy...But if you are fan - yes, I can hear you Duana - you probably love him that much more for it, right? Also, Haywire was directed by Steven Soderbergh who also directed The Informant and McHale was in The Informant although I’m pretty sure he’s not in Haywire. Full Story

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Why Aren’t You Watching? Part Two: When

Duana Posted by Duana at October 25, 2011 20:05:48 October 25, 2011 20:05:48
Jason Merritt /Getty Images

Which personalities did you try on before you ‘settled’ on the one you have now?  Were you the anxious do-gooder?  Did you feel like you were always behind on everything?   Were you anxious because you felt too cool for the group you were in, but didn’t know where else to go? I’ve been all these people and several more, including the person who couldn’t possibly stop dropping pop culture references, no matter how inane or having nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Full Story

Best Fantasy Gig – The Emmytones

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 19, 2011 06:33:01 September 19, 2011 06:33:01

Written by Duana You know I love to sing, right? There’s been enough indication of that here, and anyone who knows me will tell you. Which is why I got so giddy at the Emmytones. Here’s how I think it went down, in my fantasy. Full Story