Exactly a month to go before NKOTB kicks off the tour in Toronto and for Donnie Wahlberg at least, the timing is perfect. He’s single. Donnie’s wife Kim Fey has filed for divorce and sole custody of their 2 children and spousal support too, which is another reason why the tour has been fortuitously scheduled. Donnie has bills to pay.

Come to think of it, he was rather flirty - with everyone from reporters to back up dancers – when I met and interviewed them in June for the MMVAs. They were all kinda flirty, actually. And they all look like it’s been a non stop party since they officially reunited, the more outgoing ones anyway.

Three members last night – Donnie, Danny, and Joey in Vegas at JET. Rough, non? Like Tara Reid styles. Especially the bags underneath Joey’s eyes – almost as appalling as his shiny suit although nowhere near as entertaining as Danny’s guido-club-dude ensemble.

Yeah so they’re a little ridiculous…so what?

I’ll be loving them forever.

Can you hear it?