And he looks SUPER hot right now. Is it the hair? John and Kal Penn were at MuchMusic in Toronto yesterday to promote A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Let’s not mention the fact that the Much audience is, like, 14. And how did you watch Go To White Castle? At my house it was a rental and it went down exactly how you think it went down. But we are lying to ourselves if we think the kids don’t understand. Or don’t do.

Anyway, why is the new one in 3D? No idea. But ... the red band trailer was funny - at least to me. Which probably means that those are probably the only funny parts in the entire movie. See attached below.

As for John Cho - you know he’s 39? He’ll look like this until he’s 59. Please note the SKIN. It’s like teenage skin. But the Asian Aging rule applies to men too. Our limit is 60. We look great until we’re 60. And then at 60 we go right to 85. It just happened to both my parents.