We were at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday night where the Night Before Oscar party was happening. So many stars – better attended than the Oscars and I’ll be up for a week straight writing down all my observations. Will get to the breaking information first.

John Krasinski and Rashida Jones – she is gorgeous in person with the sexiest voice ever – left together holding hands, climbed into his black Lexus and drove away. He’s tall, she’s short, and they are still VERY much together. When they were walking out, he had his hand on the back of her neck – you know that sexy part of the back of your neck where it feels good to have your man holding you? Yes… right there. Not that it matters but he has clean fingernails. This is only notable to me because my cousin Cat’s big peeve about Ben Affleck is that he looks like he has dirty fingernails. Since then I’ve always looked at fingernails.

To be honest, John didn’t look great that night. Was wearing a light grey sweater and his hair was “done”. Like gelled and combed. Not sweet. She on the other hand was lovely. Red lipstick, great skin, amazing coat – looked like Stella.

Sorry folks. No real life Jim and Pam.

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