She has arrived – John Krasinski tweeted:

A sweet sentiment, right? It also makes his previous tweet, wishing ‘all fellow dads out there’ a Happy Father’s day, extra cute. But tying her announcement to the Fourth of July does seem a little offbeat,   because ‘Violet’, especially when paired with older sister Hazel, feels very very British indeed.

Which, given that the Krasinski/Blunt girls are going to be growing up largely in the US where their parents work, isn’t so strange. They have one British parent, so giving them names that are associated with another place is a pretty standard-issue way to roll…but I’m not going to lie, I would have stumped for something Britishier. Harriet or Cressida or Georgina or Petronella or something to up the ‘decorative’ factor a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with Violet, of course—pretty, wearable, popular—it’s just, I sort of hoped these two would unearth some underused gem. Do I ask too much?

But Krasinski and Blunt have proven before that they don’t care whether their children’s names are popular or, more interestingly, whether they’re associated with other celebrities (in this case, Violet Affleck is the ‘known’ Violet but Dave Grohl also has a daughter Violet). So, either they don’t care what other people name their children or they don’t care about being ‘unique’ or they don’t actually think of themselves as celebrities. Somehow even these two choosing a name I don’t love results in realizing they’re ridiculously cool.