John Krasinski and Rashida Jones walked the carpet separately last night at Tropic Thunder, as they do. Without a doubt though, they are still a couple. And they are super cute. Saw them during Oscar week leaving the Night Before party in the same car and while I know this is heartbreaking for those of you pining for a real life Office romance, if you can get past Jim and Pam, John and Rashida really are all kinds of adorable.

I say this while trying to block out one horrible story I heard about him recently that will shatter, absolutely shatter, your affection.

From an infallible source – that he is the snottiest, the worst, the most publicist-protected diva on the Office set. To the point where he will complain if a reporter walks too close to his area. Will make that request – the don’t look him in the request. Will huff and puff if Steve Carell is giving a really great interview. Having said that, the aforementioned douchebag behaviour occurred during promotion for Leatherheads.

Perhaps he’s come back to earth now? Let’s hope.

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