And I like it!

John Krasinski out and about in Park City at Sundance to support his directorial debut Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. Have you read it? John acquired the rights to the film when he was, like, literally a nobody. He says the book, or a stage adaptation of it, inspired him to become an actor. Now that the movie is complete, he also says he has no plans to continue pursuing the “triple threat” career path, even though Brief Interviews is said to be a sure sell at the festival. For more on John’s struggle to bring Brief Interviews to the big screen, click here... but I’m warning you, you’ll only crush on him harder.

Am partial to these photos because you can see how tall he is, unlike so many of his peers. And no faking either. Back to that nose… it’s cute, non? Not the prettiest but part of his charm. Wouldn’t change it at all. Still no photos of him with Emily Blunt at Sundance yet. But there’s time.

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