The best hotness is the kind that takes you by surprise. Sure - he"s cute in that college backpack kinda way but - at least for me on tv - not in that rip your panties passion. Until you see him in person.

In person, cute becomes quiver. In person there"s a quiet confidence that gets real sexy real fast. Especially since he is still a regular dude. No entourage, no handlers... Just John and his dad.


We saw him at the Ryan Seacrest tailgate party yesterday promoting Leatherheads with George Clooney who was in the building but managed to stay hidden.

When I first saw him, John was wearing a Pats cap, a fitted dark long sleeved tee and Sevens. Sevens that hung off his hips exactly the way they’re supposed to.

Yes... John Krasinski can wear the hell out of a pair of pants. Tight button super perky ass and cheesy slip on Keds that aren"t so cheesy when you consider he probably just doesn"t care.

And that sums it up. John is not pretty. His nose is probably a little more bulbous than it should be and he doesn"t have the best hair but there"s a super chill vibe about the way he walks - a gait that implies he"d know what to do with you when no one"s around and large soft looking hands and clean fingernails and when he stopped to take photos he would easily slip his arm around your waist, resting it just above the all makes for a fresh laundry scented fantasy. Or on a rug in front of the fireplace after a night of dvds and cheetos, but only the crunchy kind. The foamy kind sucks.

After 60 seconds, Michelle and I were smitten. Michelle doesn"t have a Freebie 5 and she"s now considering creating one just for John.

We watched as the came off Seacrest"s stage and headed back towards the lounge where a tall distinguished looking man, presumably his dad, was waiting. He took his hat off and gave it to someone and showed off some awful hat head.

Of course he didn"t care. Rare a man who doesn"t care about his hair. Even my husband cares about his hair. And he is the most style un-friendly, fashion backwards dude you can find.

But John Krasinski didn’t care about his hair. Love, love, love.

We made eye contact twice. I want to say ten seconds but it was more like three.

And then he was gone. He decided to grab a corn on the cob with his pa and truly enjoy the tailgate experience. Along the way, several fans asked to have their picture taken… he obliged every time. With a smile and that arm around the waist.


So now having seen him and eye flirted with him, I’m now certain – Jenna Fischer is not for John. Nor is it Rashida Jones. John Krasinski needs a Kate Hudson. Curiously enough, she was there yesterday too. If she met him, it will happen. Trust.

Photo attached of John at Letterman last year. Note the Keds. Hee.

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