This is John Krasinski on the cover of the winter 2012 issue of NUVO, released yesterday. These are great shots of him, non? Better styled than I’ve seen him in GQ or Esquire.

Krasinski is promoting the upcoming Promised Land. He co-stars with Matt Damon. He and Damon co-wrote the screenplay. And he came up with the idea for the film with Dave Eggers who co-wrote Away We Go. Collaborations all over! So there is such thing as community in Hollywood. And there seem to be more and more of them developing together. George Clooney’s part of one with Grant Heslov and a few other buddies. The Apatow community has thrived the last few years and they cross over with Seth Macfarlane’s and Tina Fey has her own crew too. Before we know it Kellan Lutz will be starting one up too, with Gerard Butler, and they’ll rent an office and stare at each other and not know what to do.

It’s a well-timed transition for Krasinski as he nears the end of The Office and, presumably, a full-time focus on film. 

“This is a really weird moment for me,” Krasinski reflects. “To be having a movie that I had a lot of say in creating coming at the time that the thing that has been my family, my career, and my life is ending, is this weird, bizarre juxtaposition.”

I like his description of the experience of being a professional actor. Acting, says, John, is “the craziest temp agency out there.” It helps explain why, in part, actors are so... insecure. Transience is a fundamental attribute of their job. And at the same time, transience is what they crave -- the ultimate goal is to make movies and play different characters, an objective even more desirable than playing one role for several years with a steady paycheque, rare as that is too.

Adorably Krasinski seems to be professionally encouraged and motivated by the example of his wife Emily Blunt, like she’s a model for where and how he intends to direct his career:

“She’s just made the most genuine choices of anybody I know. She’ll chase it down, whether it’s a big commercial movie or a tiny indie, whether it’s Your Sister’s Sister or The Five-Year Engagement. She just believes in the experience, and she loves it, and I think that is so extremely courageous and so extremely admirable and just downright cool.”

Click here to see more photos of John Krasinski in NUVO. The Promised Land trailer is below.

Photography by: Michael Muller for NUVO