Especially for my friends Duana and Michelle because the three of us, we have such varying man/boy preferences, rare is the celebrity who satisfies all three requirements. That would be John Krasinski. And he has really great taste in women too. Rashida Jones, obviously, and of course he’s to marry Emily Blunt so yeah, John K is universal. And he looked so adorable today in New York on set with Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed. These just might be my favourite candid photos of him ever. Particularly in that jacket. And his hair combed all cute and’s a happy quiver, the kind of quiver you don’t have to be afraid of.

As noted, I did not read those books. Still have no interest. But if Krasinski’s character, Ethan, gets a lot of kissing and Lance Romance action, I may actually see the movie.

Photos from Jose Perez/ and INFphoto