Last week I wrote about John Krasinski’s dorky Twitter and a whole bunch of you emailed/tweeted to tell me that Krasinski’s Twitter was set up and run by Jimmy Kimmel as a joke. And yes, Kimmel, during Krasinski’s interview on the show to promote Promised Land, did inform Krasinski he had obtained @JohnKrasinski for him and had set up a Twitter page, and Kimmel did send out that dumb “YOLO” tweet, so Krasinski is off the hook for that one.

But guys, c’mon. Five days later, Krasinski is still tweeting, posting photos from the set of The Office, and using WAY TOO MANY exclamation points. That over-enthusiastic, “aw shucks, I don’t get how Twitter works” shtick is all Krasinski. Apart from YOLO then, everything I originally said last week stands. Kimmel may have launched the account, but it’s Krasinski tweeting. Insisting that it’s not him (and again, he’s posting photos) is a #RobstenIsUnbroken level of denial.

Based on the emails I received, this is hard for many of you to accept. And look, I get it. I was horrified by Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter (still kind of am). It’s always a little bit of a letdown when they’re not as cool as we want them to be. But please stop telling me that Jimmy Kimmel is running Krasinski’s Twitter when Krasinski is posting photos and tweeting days after the account opened (do you really think Kimmel would run a joke that long? He’s not that good of a comedian). John Krasinski is handsome and charming and has a frontrum-y Twitter. Either that’s a crush ruiner or it isn’t—it’s up to you. Let’s not be Twi-Hards about this.