You can watch a show like this and wonder if you are just going along with something because it’s popular. You can wonder, as I saw a lot of people do, whether you really liked La La Land or just fell into some populist trap or what.

But there is no way not to love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. This is a time when everyone is on the right side of just about everything. Because the fact that they’re able to be normal human beings in the face of all of this ridiculous artifice is worth celebrating, and they never stop being the best. 

Because they did their interview with Ryan Seacrest while they were sitting on the steps up to his little fiefdom! I don’t know who worked this out and how it was negotiated, but it was the most refreshing thing that happened during those long, long two hours when you realize the actual show hasn’t started yet.

Then there’s what happened in a given commercial break, when a smart camera op was on them because he knew they’d have something to give:

That wasn’t even her best tweet of the night, either. This was:

They’re always here for us – the fact that John Legend should be a bigger deal as the only actual musician in La La Land notwithstanding, they are the best kind of bittersweet.

Her dress was fine-to-fussy. I can’t wait to see what she wears to the rest of these things. A low-pressure, no-speech-required opportunity to get dressed for these would be the best.