I’m so down with this one.

I was asked about my predictions for this name a few weeks ago, and I said it was going to be a little offbeat, in a familiar way. Ultimately these two people are named John and Christine, and even though they’re both, you know, super-famous, they would also have experienced the realities of being one of several Johns or Christines in a given situation. It was always going to be something that let their little girl stand out a little, while still keeping it relatively real, because after all, she has that Twitter to maintain:

So I alleged that they would go with ‘Lemon’. Sort of a name, unusual and cute, but verging on cutesy, where you would kind of roll your eyes if you didn’t like them so much (testing the limits of this goodwill is known as the Kristen-Dax Fulcrum).

Instead—but really, very closely—they’ve gone with Luna, which is lovely and easy to say, means ‘moon’, and is a popular celebrity choice of late. But I choose to believe that these two, who are so pleasantly and refreshingly dorky in the best way possible, also love it as a nod to Potter. Simone, which is stylish and rising right up in popularity, sounds great with Luna—not least, of course, because the rhythms of ‘Luna’ are similar to ‘Nina’, as in Nina Simone.

So I like it. But then, bias towards these guys said I knew I would. What about you?