It’s been weeks, it’s so public, and still…John Mayer KNOWS. He knows his c*ck has led him astray. He knows his brain, his good sensibility, some say even his integrity – he knows it’s all been soiled by his libido. And so he skulks around sheepishly, wearing a smile that can only be described as embarrassed every time we see him dragging around his blonde fun-bags - this weekend after lunch in West Hollywood.

My personal interpretation, of course and needless to say, making such a judgment is not exactly reliable based on one photo but the smutty bitch in me sees a man running away from an airhead because the sun is shining and there are people around.

Either way though, John Mayer is screwed. Because if you believe that he’s only using her for sex…it means he’s a dog. But if you believe he ACTUALLY likes her... it means he’s learning impaired and really not as intelligent or as interesting or as worthy as he was once thought to be.

Dog or Dumb…lose/lose.