In Florida last night after his show, maybe it’s just me but I see shame in his eyes. The eyes, the body language – this is not a man who is proud of his conquest or particularly happy to associated with it. Rather, this is a man who is bearing a heavy sense of embarrassment, the same look you’ve likely seen over and over again – on your own face or the face of a friend, after a night of wild partying and drinking, it used to happen all the time for us in university. We’d wake up the next morning and inevitably, one of our friends, usually the same guy, actually, would shuffle out of his room with “that look”: sheepish, pitiful, pleading with his eyes for mercy – I did it again, please don’t be too hard on me. And at first, we’d all be too groggy to get it, to clue into his silent appeal…until she walked out of course and the “butterface” inevitably emerged, or butterbutt, or butterbody, or my favourite Summerteeth (some are here, some are there), summer, butterwhatever – the point is, he didn’t just have beergoggles…he was beer-f*cking-blind, and therefore the reason behind his Look of Shame, the same look now illustrated by John Mayer who realises now that his fraud is up. Cerebral and sensitive? Please. Limp dick lyrics, cheesy musician out for p&ssy … THAT is John Mayer. Source via Source