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It was taped last night. Third Lip was not seen. There was room for only one ego in the joint, it belonged to John Mayer. One source described it as follows: “he’s a rambling douche”. And his self-indulgent f-ckery wasn’t well received. Here’s an incident that sums it up:

The musicians had plenty of opportunity to prep. Of course they did. As the two headliners, they’re pampered and coddled, and nothing happens until they are ready. So as they take their places, a production member took to the stage to explain to the audience how the show was being filmed. This was told to me and I’m passing it to you to illustrate that Mayer had more than enough time to get set.

Once the audience had been briefed, they were ready to begin. And Keith began. And as soon as he began, John Mayer had to stop him. To the effect of: “I don’t want to be that guy who has to change his guitar strap but I’m using the blue one and I have to have the green one”. Or green to blue. And so it continued. A seemingly endless stream of consciousness as though the people sitting there actually cared about all the profundity spewing from his mouth. This however did not seem to faze Taylor Swift. Oh honey…

As such, I’m hearing that John and Keith did not exactly spark the kind of chemistry that everyone was hoping for. Because, ultimately, it’s always the John Mayer Show. My sources tell me Keith was not comfortable. And this of course makes a tour rather tricky. As I reported last week, the two were negotiating, and while dates have been tentatively marked off, yesterday’s developments could ultimately change the outcome, to say nothing of Granny Freeze Kidman. John Mayer’s reputation does not please her. She could kill it in the end.

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