Newly single John Mayer is enjoying a little break from touring, was in Mexico last week, and yesterday popped into the studio in LA for a quick session.

Big surprise – word is he wasn’t ready for something so serious and perhaps did not appreciate being exploited by Stephen Huvane’s transparently hungry media grabs. After all, he already had to endure Joe Simpson, right?

Kate Hudson happens to be in LA right now too. Was seen playing volleyball at the beach yesterday, flirty flirty with some shirtless hunk. Amazing that Kate manslinger hasn’t slung her way over to John Mayer yet. It’s a matter of time. And by the end of it he’ll be curled up in a puddle of his own piss, nursing a broken heart, an even more broken ego, and enough material to make limp dick music for the next decade.

That’s how she rolls.

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