It was reported last week that Katy Perry and John Mayer had broken up again. Click here for a refresher. E! News was the outlet that was on that. And at the time, Katy was in some heat for tweeting her way into the Nicki Minaj Taylor Swift fight. Like, why are you stepping in on this situation? If I were Nicki, I would have been like, “I got this. But thanks”.

Some people think the John Mayer split was actually a deflection. Because, as it turns out, Katy and John might actually still be together. According to Twitter, they were sighted having dinner together last night (thanks Rabbit!).

Twitter isn’t exactly the most reliable source without pictures. You know how many emails I’ve gotten over the years from someone who claimed Matthew McConaughey jogged past them in Small Town, Canada when he was photographed the same day in Texas?

But the Old Faithful Inn…

Yellowstone National Park.

Here’s another tweet from the day before and this person also lives in Wyoming.

Feels like it’s adding up, right? They’re on holiday together? I believe it.