John Mayer is releasing a new single called Who You Love, a duet with girlfriend Katy Perry. They posed together for their first official portraits as cover art for the track. More photos were then posted exclusively at Vanity Fair. Shot by Mario Sorrenti (you probably know him best for his work with Kate Moss), there’s a late 60s/early 70s vibe to the images, like here:

A little Carly Simon, right?

Jesus. You think they think they’re like Carly and James Taylor?

Note though that Katy doesn’t need her boyfriend to sell her music. She’s doing FINE roaring over there all by herself, just saying.

Yes, it’s true. John Mayer has never sat for portraits with one of his women before. But if you say this is the most public he’s ever been with a lover, I’ll give you a shot of Gossip Nostalgia:

And another:

Do they look good together? Of course. Does that make them irresistible? We do get played, over and over again, by celebrity and beauty don’t we?

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