A press release went out yesterday to announce that John Mayer’s The Search For Everything tour will kick off in New York on March 31. The release was forwarded to me and Duana by our friend M, who offered to buy each of us a ticket - a joke meant for me, really, because I mocked them relentlessly a few years ago when John Mayer came to Toronto and the two of them went together. One of them was pregnant at the time which might be funnier to us than it is to you, funny because we all agree that John Mayer is f-cking gross and that poor child had to spend a night with him. And they still went!

In case you’ve forgotten how gross John Mayer is, please take a look at the artwork that was sent out with the press release:

The expression on his face is vile. I find most expressions on John Mayer’s face vile but this one was particularly offensive to me because I think he’s trying to brood. And the intent of the brooding is meant to convince you that you want to f-ck him. No thank you.

Apparently I’m in the minority on this because many people do want to f-ck him. And if that’s you, here’s a video that I found revolting but that you might enjoy:

Click here for John Mayer’s tour dates.