He’s an artist. And the thing about an artist like John Mayer, one of the most pretentious artists in the business, is that he truly believes that his sh-t is the greatest sh-t of all time. That his mind is the most unique, most original, that his thoughts are the most enlightening and profound...

Which is why he keeps dicking around with the comedy act. This bitch wants you to know what he knows: that his humour is the mother-cking Everest of Humour.

Only problem is...

His material is borrowed?

Not surprising.

I wrote yesterday about Mayer’s attempt to be funny at the Hard Rock in London, suggesting to female audience members that he could have any one of them and that “Somebody’s getting pregnant tonight”.

Turns out Tracy Morgan was dropping that 3 years ago. And funnier. Of course. (Thanks Celia!)

Think about how arrogant, how narcissistic, how embarrassingly in love with yourself you have to be to behave like John Mayer, to actually believe you can make Tracy Morgan funnier than Tracy Morgan when you’re John f-cking Mayer. Please.

Photos from Wenn.com