Obsessed with her looks? Her???

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 1, 2009 08:56:38 April 1, 2009 08:56:38

No sh-t.

And if John Mayer’s calling you out on your narcissism, what does that say about you?

Yes you Jennifer Aniston. You.

New issue of Us Weekly reveals that one of the reasons why they broke is because John could no longer handle how “obsessive-compulsive” Jen is about her looks. Of course. Insecurity is terribly unattractive but even more so for someone like John, because if you’re spending too much time on YOU, it means you’re not spending enough time on HIM.

And you thought Fabulous at 40! was effortless?

John also debuted a new song on his boat cruise the other day. It’s called Heartbreak Warfare and he told the crowd that: "It's miserable being around someone who's negative."

Then he started singing: "If you want more love, why don't you say so?"

Why? Why won’t she say so?

Because she’s bought into the dumbassness illusion of the perfect man. The one who will read your mind, say what you want to hear, do what you want him to do, without you having to ask for it. Because where’s the romance in asking for it?

It’s in a novel, that’s where.

This is the problem. They teach girls that this is what they deserve so that they end up not asking for what they deserve.

Pretty much sums up Jennifer Aniston…in a nutshell.

But just to bring it back to John, because it’s always about John, he also admits he made out with Perez Hilton:

"F--k yeah, I made out with Perez. I just wanted to prove that I'm a sicker f--k than he is. I'll [have sex with him] until he runs away screaming just to prove a point."

And Perez HATES Jennifer Aniston.

Whatever. If John calls her, she’d still take him back.

Here she is continuing to shoot The Baster in New York yesterday photographed in amazing light by the paps. This is not a photo shoot. At least not officially.

Photos from Doug Meszler and Deano/Splashnewsonline.com

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